What happens in the LAMDA BA Hons Acting Audition ? (Round 1)

(Featured Image : Benedict Cumberbatch graduated from Lamda in 2000.)

Hey Audition Hackers ! In this post, I will share everything I experienced in my first round audition at LAMDA, as of 2019.You will get some valuable drama school audition advice.

Note: LAMDA is widely regarded as a Top 8 Drama School in the UK, a top 3 Drama School in London (along with RADA and Guildhall) and as one of the best Drama Schools in the World.

How does the LAMDA audition start ?

The LAMDA auditions can start at very different times, so there is not a standard time for the audition. Depending on the order that you will be seen, you could wait ten to fifteen minutes, or up to an hour and a half.

You will very likely be placed in a rehearsal room with other candidates. There could be as many as 30 candidates with you, but don’t feel intimidated ! Some people will pace around, some will rehearse texts, and occasionally people will chat. Do whatever feels the most comfortable ! The only advice I would give you is to not rehearse your text last minute. So many candidates do this and then get into the audition room feeling anxious about what went wrong in their last minute rehearsal. You don’t want be one of those people !

When it will get closer to your turn, a LAMDA student will call you with a group of 4-5 other people. Don’t hesitate to ask them any questions you have ! As a candidate, that is one of the only windows you’ll get into what LAMDA really is about, especially at this early stage in the auditions.You will be asked to sit on chairs in a rather narrow corridor, which can be prone to stress. If you feel stress, don’t fight it. Channel it. Stress is an instinctive response to a challenging situation and was used by our ancestors to enhance a fight or flight response. So this can be your best chance to concentrate minutes before the audition. Besides, you can also release this tension in physical movement and in voice.

What happens in the LAMDA audition room ?

This is it, your name has been called ? Stay calm and try to walk into the audition room as confidently as you can. You rehearsed this for months and you can now put all this hard work in front of the LAMDA panel !

The first thing they will do is to ask you to sit down on a chair that is pretty close to them. They will probably shortly introduce themselves and then ask you what you prepared for them. As they ask for it only at that moment, you can always decide to choose which one to present at the last minute. So once you tell them which modern and contemporary monologue you want to perform, they will tell you to stand behind a line made of a rubber tape that they put on the floor. This line is pretty far away from them so make sure that your projection is ready ! This is a simple but effective drama school audition advice.

Don’t rush before starting. Own the moment. You can start by whichever monologue you like. Once you’re done, you can thank the jury, and you’re good to go ! You’ll know the outcome in a few weeks.

If you receive a positive outcome in this LAMDA BA Hons Acting audition, congratulations ! You will have a second round audition. To discover how it will go in great detail, click here.

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