How To Get an Agent

Hey Audition Hackers! After doing some research on the Internet, I could not find a practical article on how to get an agent for acting. That’s why today we are going to talk about proven ways to get one. In Depth. Using discussions I had with my agent, other agents and with actors that currently have representation, my goal here is to bring to you a step-by-step guide to find an agent. And if you don’t directly find one with this guide, I’ll give you pointers to keep increasing your chances to get signed.  

I. Get Outstanding Headshots.

Your headshots are the first thing that the casting director is going to look at, so you have to get them right! Spend some time researching photographers for Actors and find one that makes amazing headshots. Those headshots should : 

  • Be of the highest quality possible 
  • Show your face extremely clearly 
  • Represent your personality  
  • Feature different types of mood and atmosphere to showcase your versatility 

Here are good examples of excellent photographers at an affordable price :

For each and every photo that you want to keep for future use, make sure that it does validate those criteria. Be honest with yourself about it, and if you need to, ask your friends! This is one of the most important parts of this guide so make sure you are hard on yourself with that. It has to be absolutely gorgeous! It will help you to get an agent even without experience.

II. Get a Superior Showreel.

If you have some good performances caught on camera, put the very best of them together in a short video, ideally no longer than 2.30 min. You can use a free editing software like which is very easy to use. But if you are not happy with what you have on camera already, drop it! If you don’t think it’s great, do not take the risk that a potential agent thinks the same when watching it.  

If you don’t have anything on camera already or do not want to use existing footage, don’t worry! What you can do is pick an excellent monologue of your choice and perform it in front of a camera. If you are willing to spend 40 pounds, you can use self tape services like They will help you record your monologue at a professional level. If you don’t have the money for that, you can use your own phone, but the quality has to be good enough so that we can see and hear you without any difficulty. Get it on a tripod, use a neutral background, keep your head and shoulders within the frame, and go for it! Choose a modern monologue that you feel very comfortable with, and keep it nice and short.  

III. Select Agents from this Well-Renowned UK Acting Agencies List. 

The list below features many of the most respected UK acting agencies, from the biggest ones to the most accessible ones. Depending on where you are in your career and where you are located, you can adapt the acting agencies you will target. Here we go ! (Credits :

London Acting Agencies

Top Tier 

If you’re starring in a TV series/award-winning film, these are the guys for you. They’re the best and only represent the best.

United Agents | Website | Spotlight 

Clients Include; Tom Hardy, Eddie Redmayne, Annabelle Wallis 

Conway van Gelder Grant | Website | Spotlight 

Clients Include; Benedict Cumberbatch, Helena Bonham-Carter, Sally Hawkins 

Curtis Brown | Website | Spotlight 

Clients Include; Robert Pattinson, Tom Holland, Sheridan Smith 

Independent Talent | Website | Spotlight 

Clients Include; Orlando Bloon, Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz 

Hamilton Hodell | Website | Spotlight 

Clients Include; Mark Rylance, Tom Hiddleston, Ben Whishaw 

42 | Website | Spotlight 

Clients Include; Rupert Friend, Michael Caine, Nicholas Hoult 

Troika | Website | Spotlight 

Clients Include; Michael Fassbender, Daniel Kaluuya, Maxine Peake 

Gordon & French | Website | Spotlight 

Clients Include; Riz Ahmed, Charlene McKenna, Andrew Garfield 

Artists Rights Group (A.R.G) | Website | Spotlight 

Clients Include; Daniel Radcliffe, Liam Neeson, Freddie Highmore 

Tavistock Wood Website | Spotlight 

Clients Include; Charles Dance, Naiome Harris, Dominic West 

Creative Artists Management (C.A.M) | Website | Spotlight 

Clients Include; Ray Winstone, Martin Freeman, Ben Hardy 

The Artists Partnership | Website | Spotlight 

Clients Include; Idris Elba, Emily Blunt, David Thewlis 

Markham Froggatt & Irwin | Website | Spotlight 

Clients Include; Emma Watson, Dominic Cooper, Rory Kinnear 

Lou Coulson Associates | Website | Spotlight 

Clients Include; Hugh Jackman, Cillian Murphy, Andy Serkis 

Julian Belfrage Associates | Spotlight 

Clients Include; Daniel Day-Lewis, Dan Stevens, Judi Dench 

Bloomsfields Welch | Website | Spotlight 

Clients Include; Luke Perry, Caroline Flack, Lucy Liu 

Top-Mid Tier 

For the up and comers [think co-stars in film,TV,and theatre]/famous actors that don’t want to be lost in the madness of the top tier. If you’re very lucky sometimes they pick up relatively new actors. 

Emptage Hallet | Website | Spotlight 

Clients Include; Ed Westwick, Emilia Clarke 

Michelle Braidman Associates | Website | Spotlight 

Clients Include; Stephen Dillane, Frank Dillane 

Benfield and Ward | Website | Spotlight 

Clients Include; Tupele Dorgu, Mark Evans 

Identity Agency Group (I.A.G) | Website | Spotlight 

Clients Include; John Boyega, Malachi Kirby 

Angel and Francis | Website | Spotlight 

Clients Include; Nigel Cooke, Jeff Hordley 

InterTalent | Website | Spotlight 

Clients Include; Alfonso Ribeirio, Vinnie Jones, George Takei 

Hatton McEwan Penford | Website | Spotlight 

Clients Include; Jeremy Irvine, Kathy Burke, Phoebe Waller-Bridge 

Waring and McKenna | Website | Spotlight 

Clients Include; Sebastian De Souza, Bebe Cave 

Sainou | Website | Spotlight 

Clients Include; William Thomas, Ciara Baxdendale, Will Thorp 

Denton Brierley | Website | Spotlight 

Clients Include; Gerran Howell, Remy Beasley, Elinor Crawley 

Olivia Bell Management | Website | Spotlight 

Clients Include; Thomas Doherty, Ben McGregor, Doutzen Kroes 

Shepherd Management | Website | Spotlight 

Clients Include; John Bradley, Olivia Cooke, Ian McElhinny 

Jonathan Arun | Website | Spotlight 

Clients Include; Greg Austin, Sean Maguire 

Lee Morgan Management | Website | Spotlight 

Clients Include; Pollyanna Mcintosh, Edward Peel, Bobby Rainsbury 

Hatch Talent | Website | Spotlight 

Clients Include; Oliver Phelps, Daniel Anthony 

Simon & How Associates | Website | Spotlight 

Clients Include; Charlie Blackwood 

Gardner Herrity | Website | Spotlight 

Clients Include; David Collings 

The BWH Agency | Website | Spotlight 

Clients Include; Alexa Davies 

Beresford Management | Website | Spotlight 

Clients Include; April Pearson 

Grantham Hazeldine | Website | Spotlight 

Clients Include; Alex Reid 

The Markham Agency | Website | Spotlight 

Clients Include; Holly Hayes 

Mid Tier 

Hit and miss really (they pick up whoever they want). These are the guys that start giving you the real opportunities [think guest roles in big shows]. 

Payne Management | Website | Spotlight 

Scott Marshall Partners | Website | Spotlight 

Polly’s Agency | Website | Spotlight 

Global Artists | Website | Spotlight 

Sally Hope Associates | Website | Spotlight 

AHA Talent | Website | Spotlight 

Eamonn Bedford Agency | Website | Spotlight 

Byron’s Management | Website | Spotlight 

Burnett Crowther | Website | Spotlight 

Pemberton Associates | Website | Spotlight 

Gavin Barker Associates | Website | Spotlight 

BBA Management | Website | Spotlight 

Stopford Agency | Website | Spotlight 

A & J Management | Website | Spotlight 

Shepperd-Fox | Website | Spotlight 

JPA Managment | Website | Spotlight 

Mondi Associates | Website | Spotlight 

Wintersons | Website | Spotlight 

Roxane Vacca Management | Website | Spotlight 

JAA London | Website | Spotlight 

Stanton Davidson | Website | Spotlight 

RKA Talent | Website | Spotlight 

Morwenna Preston | Website | Spotlight 

Vivienne Clore Artist Management | Website | Spotlight 

TCG | Website | Spotlight 

Brown, Simcocks and Andrews | Website | Spotlight 

Emma Engers | Website | Spotlight 

Galloways | Website | Spotlight 

Sharon Henry | Website | Spotlight 

Claire Hoath Management | Website | Spotlight 

Middleweek Newton Talent Management | Website | Spotlight 

Williamson & Holmes | Website | Spotlight 

Feast Management | Website | Spotlight 

McLean-Williams | Website | Spotlight 

Nina Lee Management | Website | Spotlight 

Langford Associates | Website | Spotlight 

Lowy Hamilton | Website | Spotlight 

Nancy Hudson Associates | Website | Spotlight 

Marcus & McCrimmon | Website | Spotlight 

GDA Management | Website | Spotlight 

Katie Threlfall Associates | Website | Spotlight 

Rebecca Blond | Website | Spotlight 

Stevenson Withers | Website | Spotlight 

Mrs Jordan Associates | Website | Spotlight 

Low-Mid Tier 

If you’re just starting out, and London based, give these guys a shot. Those are the people for you if you want to get an agent without previous experience.

Nic Knight Management | Website 

Macfarlane Doyle | Website 

Shane Collins Associates | Website 

Gregg Millard Management | Website 

Dennis Lyne | Website 

Williams Bulldog Management | Website 

Billboard PM | Website 

Core Mgmt | Website 

Keddie Scott | Website 

James Foster Ltd | Website 

Amber Personal Management | Website 

Regional Acting Agencies


The Narrow Road Company | Website | Spotlight 

Lime Management | Website | Spotlight 

Julie Fox Associates | Website | Spotlight 

David Daly Associates | Website | Spotlight 

WGM Talent | Website | Spotlight 


Emptage Hallet | Website | Spotlight 

Mark Jermin Management | Website | Spotlight 

Regan Management | Website | Spotlight 

The North 

Northern Lights Management | Website | Spotlight 

Amanda Andrew Agency | Website | Spotlight 

Janet Plater Management | Website | Spotlight 

DJW Talent | Website | Spotlight 

Northern Ireland/Ireland 

MacFarlane Chard | Website | Spotlight 

The Lisa Richards Agency | Website | Spotlight 


Lovett Logan Associates | Website | Spotlight 

Hunwich Hughes | Website | Spotlight 

Coulter Management | Website | Spotlight 

IV. Research each and every Acting Agency you selected. 

For every single acting agency that you are going to reach out to, take the time to make some thorough research on them. Try to answer those questions : 

  • What types of actor do they have on their books? 
  • What jobs do those actors get?  
  • What vibes/values does the agency give away ? 

If you can answer those questions, it will help you in finding the agencies that you like the most but moreover it will give you a lot to work with when you write to them.  

V. Prepare a Personalised Message and Shoot ! 

Agencies do know that you probably did not write only to them. However, they want you to make them feel like you really want to be one of their actors and not one of another agency . Therefore, try to show in your email that you know about them and their actors. But also and even most importantly, insist on the one thing that makes you special in their eyes. Maybe you’re an amazing musician? Or master a specific accent? Or you are very athletic? Anything that makes you different and is interesting for them, put it down. That will help you to get an agent in the UK.

Here is an example of an email you could send : 

Hi Mr/Mrs X, 

My Name is John Doe and I am really impressed by the jobs such as X, Y, Z booked by some of your clients. I am an actor that can do X and I have noticed that you currently do not feature actors with that kind of skill in your books and looking at shows like Y, I know that it could be of use for you.  

You will find attached my photo and below a link to my showreel. If you enjoy watching it, I would be delighted to have a conversation with you.  

Kindest Regards,  


VI. Ok Great. But…What if I do not get an acting agent following that guide? 

Do Not Despair! 

Unfortunately, there are a 1000 reasons it could not have worked out and there is no need to blame yourself or think that you are not good enough! There are many other ways that you can be in control and try to be seen by an agent. You don’t have to wait for them! 

Below are ways to be seen if you don’t directly find an agent :


MonologueSlam is a monologue competition where you rehearse a one or three minute monologue and do it in front of a professional panel at an audition. In the audition you often have agents in the panel, and if you get selected, you will perform your monologue in a professional theatre in front of directors, casting directors and even more agents. You should definitely have a look at it. Even if you don’t get selected or signed, it is a fantastic opportunity to meet like-minded actors and network !  

Facebook Groups.

There are dozens of Facebook groups out there that can help you find jobs that will get you started, and one great example is Actors UK. Join as many of those as you can and be ready to respond faster than anyone else ! The things you want to keep an eye on are casting calls that include your specific characteristics.You will waste time if you apply for things vaguely fitting your profile. 

MandyStarnow, Backstage

Those websites will feature a listing of different job opportunities and will have you complete a profile and pay a certain monthly fee in order to see the listing. Different actors have different experiences with those but I would say that it is for you if : 

  • You want to get started and are ready to invest a lot of time searching 
  • You are willing to pay a monthly fee in order to see the listings 
  • Your are ready to take the time to personalise your application to every single job  

Acting Courses.

If you are willing/able to invest time and money in an acting class, do it. You will meet loads of different people, learn the craft, and have the opportunity to try things out without the fear of not getting it right. An acting class like Identity will give you a chance of meetings loads of other actors, train part time and do performances in front of a live audience where agents might scout you. 

Create your own work.  

I put that one at the last position because it is arguably one of the most challenging. But also one of the most rewarding. Today, there are numerous ways for you to write your own : 

  • One man show 
  • Play 
  • Short film and more…

It does take some very hard work to get it produced. It takes some time, learning, networking, but it is possible ! Once you get to do all of the other things above you will start having conversations with people that can help you get your written work to the next level, meaning having you performing your writing. At the beginning it can include : 

  • Submitting it to writing competitions 
  • Performing it in scratch nights 
  • Submitting it to local pub/theatres 

This will help your work to be seen. Invite your friends, family, the actors you know, and ask them to bring people. If you keep on hustling it could come together much to your surprise. It might be a long process that could take up to several years in total therefore it is definitely worth starting now ! Eventually it could help you to get an acting agent in the UK. 

There it is, you have a comprehensive guide on how to get an agent for acting. And even if you don’t directly find one, I can guarantee that if you do some of the things above, you will make progress in your career. Good luck, and let me know if you get any luck applying those !

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