How to Become an Actor

Hey Audition Hackers! A bit lost on how to get into acting ?! No worries, as today we are going to guide you in a lot of detail about how to become an actor with no previous experience. A lot of other articles out there tackle that issue so here I am going to give a more honest, and even more detailed guide about how to get into acting, especially in the UK. This article has been made using the experience of several working actors, as well as the insights of UK agents and casting directors. So buckle up for a brutally honest acting knowledge ride !

I. Be sure that this is what you really, really want.

Unless you are extremely lucky, the chances are that you will struggle to make ends meet solely as an actor, especially at the beginning of your career. You will probably have to do one or more jobs on the side, jobs that sometimes are not the most enjoyable! The best piece of advice I can give to any young actor is to have that other ‘thing’ that can help you financially, but that can also be flexible to work alongside your acting career. The sooner you start to think about this, the sooner you can get it up and running. Unless you are extremely lucky, you will also face a lot of rejection, or worse, you won’t hear back at all. Long story short, to become an actor in the UK can be very tough on your finances and your mental health and stamina. If all of that does not discourage you from keeping on reading those lines, hooray ! You probably really, really want to become an actor.

II. Train as much and as often as you can

Even if you are incredibly gifted, training is invaluable as an actor. You will learn crucial skills such as projection, command of the space, playfulness, authenticity, and much more. Depending on your age, time available and finances, you will want to look into different kinds of training. Training on how to become an actor in the UK takes various forms :

If you’re 12-18 : Amateur Dramatics Societies

This is an excellent way to really spend time and develop your ‘raw’ talents with friends and family. Most people join their local amateur drama group as an evening hobby and a chance to get on a local theatre stage. But many people have used it as a platform to throw themselves into acting for several years, before the time to audition for drama school begins and you are 100% certain you want to have this career. It will enable you to have a great insight into how it all works and the basics on how to be an actor.

If you’re 18-25 and younger : Youth Theatre Groups

Most of them provide excellent training. Here are a few notable examples in the UK :

Here are some Youth Groups that will have a local UK franchise nearby :

If you’re 18-30 and can finance it : Drama Schools

A BA from a reputable Drama School will help you train at the highest standard, make great connections and increase your chances to have a good career beginning once you graduate. Below are some notable examples :

Here are some examples for a more Musical Theatre based education :

If you’re 30+ (or any age really)

You also have the option of taking some part time courses to run along side your other commitments. Those will also teach you how to become an actor. Some examples are :

III. Get yourself an agent

Now most of the UK acting institutions will produce a showcase to express all those hard earned skills you’ve worked on, to which agents would be invited to. From then you may receive an invite to attend a meeting with them where you can both work out if this is the correct relationship for YOUR career. Don’t panic if you don’t get an agent straight away, we can help you! Head over to How to Get an Agent for more detailed advice.

IV. Considering chance…

This a rarity, but it can happen. This will be true more for child actors than adults, but everyone who wishes to learn how to be an actor should keep an eye out for this. There are more and more casting breakdowns advertised nowadays for specific ethnicities or ages that are frequently open to the general public with no previous acting experience needed. Look in local UK papers or local Facebook groups regularly to see whats out there. But as I said, only the lucky few get into acting with these breaks.

There are several options on how to become an actor in the UK, but in summary it means being thick skinned, strong minded, and determined to learn constantly. Hackers, never stop learning!!!

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