How to Get Into Drama School

Hey Audition Hackers ! I have noticed that there is a lot of preparation tips out there to help you to get into drama school. Those Tips are helpful but will not be very useful without the right attitude/mindset ! That’s why this week we are going to look into qualities that can highly increase your chances to get into drama school. Those qualities were picked following a long chat I had with Romeo, a young actor that got into the BA Acting of LAMDA, Guildhall, Central and the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland on his first year trying to get into drama school. Some could say that getting into one school can be due partly to luck, but getting into four on the first year trying is truly exceptional, considering that each of those schools usually accept less than 1% of all applicants ! Hence why I decided to put Romeo under my microscope so that you guys could take from him as much as possible for your future drama school auditions.

I. Be Authentic

This sounds abstract but it can actually be applied easily ! For Romeo, it applied in his Shakespeare monologues. Before trying to get into drama school, he was not that much familiar with Shakespeare. But when he got into it, he decided to do it with his own voice, with his own rhythm, without trying to imitate other Shakespearean actors.

For you, that can be applied in many ways. It could be simply doing like Romeo and speaking Shakespeare with your own voice, and finding your own rhythm. Maybe you love rap music, and that will inspire you in the way you speak Shakespeare ? Then let it go, use it. Or, maybe it will make you choose a monologue that reminds you of something familiar, something that shows your personality ? Then use it as well.

Those are only a few examples, but being authentic can be applied at every stage of your auditions ! When you speak with other candidates, with the panel, when you react to another actor… If you try to find your own way of doing things (instead of imitating a famous actor, or giving an emotional reaction that you think the panel expect) you will be fine !

II. Be Disciplined

Romeo was lucky enough to get into Open Door. That helped him to stay committed. He had a schedule, tutors, certain times of the week where he would train on his monologues and work those monologues in new ways (funny, sad, villain monologues…).

For you, this part can be applied in many ways ! But the bottom line is to have certain hours of the week that are fixed and dedicated to work on your monologues in many, many ways (dramatic, comedic, fast, slow, loud, quiet…), so that you are ready for change when they ask you a totally different version in the audition room. Try to stick to these hours as much as you can.

III. Be Creative

Romeo was lucky enough to train in Company Three Youth Theatre for 3 years. There, he had to create his own work that he would go and perform in front of a live audience.

For you, that means to keep on training ! Do not train solely on getting into drama school. If you can, keep on doing acting courses. Would it be through a youth theatre, an improvisation course, a part time school.. whatever can keep you on your toes and help your Actor’s Brain to be stay active, do it !

IV. Be Generous

Romeo decided to choose monologues that were all about affecting the other person, and not about himself. Then he basically tried to let it go and have fun with it. He realised that Drama School Auditions can be fun. He said that once they can see that positive attitude, they want to spend time with you. They want to know that they are going to spend some good 3 years with you.

So there, he said it all. As long as you get into the work very generously and have as much fun as you can, you will give a very positive vibe to the panel and they will want to work with you !

V. Be Humble

Romeo said something that really stayed with me: “Getting into a school does not mean that you are necessarily an amazing actor but merely that you are ready for training. That is why I don’t let those drama school offers get into my head”.

By trying to stay humble and not trying to be an “amazing actor”, Romeo put a lot of pressure away. And I think that we would all gain so much by following his example. As he is saying, when we go to an audition we should not try to be “exceptional” or “outstanding”. We should simply try to give our best work in the most enjoyable manner. And the rest is up to the panel ! By not putting high expectations for ourselves, we take out our ego and just let our work speak. So hopefully, instead of trying to be the “best actor” we can just “work and have fun”. It is not about you, it is not about us. It is about the work !

VI. Be Adaptable

Romeo was open to what happens in the moment and decided to know his monologues so well that he could do them any way he wanted to.

You want to do your monologue the first time as you planned to do it of course, but as soon as the panel redirects you and ask you to do it differently, just let it go and have fun ! But the only moment you can truly let it go is when you will have rehearsed it so much, and tried it in so many different ways, that you can easily adapt !

VII. Be Inspired

Romeo had the opportunity to interview Oscar Nominated Actor Daniel Kaluuya. They went to the same secondary school and they grew up in the same area.

Okay, for Romeo, it is an actor, but it does not have to be an actor for you ! Try and find people around you that you look up to and that push you in the right direction. People who know that you can do it. Being around people who support you and make you move forward is so so important in the nerve racking audition season ! Once you find those people, do not let them go.

There you are, you now know 7 qualities that will definitely help you to get into drama school. Each of those have applicable steps that you can practice in order to make them yours ! I can guarantee you that if you work hard on those, your chances to get in will dramatically increase, because you will be doing what the 98% are not doing yet ! Good luck and don’t hesitate to let me know how these worked out for you.

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